Have You Considered A Group Employee Benefits Plan For Your Business?

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groupPicIf you are a business owner, it is important that you understand the tremendous benefits in investing in a group insurance plan for your employees. Such plans can be cost-effective in complementing your compensation structure and making your company a more desirable place to work for talented employees.


The return on investment for the business owner is both demonstrable and immediate, and it is what drives the popularity of these plans.


By grouping individuals together, unit cost falls and results in savings for all of your people. By implementing a group insurance plan for your employees you will accomplish the following:


  •     You will run a business that provides coverage such as dental care, medical care, life and disability insurance for your employees and their families
  •     Both you and your employees have immediate access to lower cost insurance than is available individually
  •     You lock in security for both management and staff, making your company a more attractive place to work – and to remain – for employees, thereby enhancing the likelihood of staff retention
  •     Employee morale and loyalty climbs as a direct result of the enhanced financial security and the benefit of corporate support
  •     The premium, as a business expense, is tax deductible


Group Employee Benefits




Custom design your Group Insurance Plan by choosing some, or all, of these benefits:


  1.     Life Insurance,
  2.     Accidental Death & Dismemberment,
  3.     Dependent Life Insurance,
  4.     Short-term Disability, Long Term Disability,
  5.     Extended health,
  6.     Prescription drug coverage,
  7.     Dental Care,
  8.     Vision Care, Global Medical Emergency Travel Insurance


Group insurance Plans are available for Groups of 2 or more employees.


Employer Advantages:


  •     Attract the most qualified employees from your competitors
  •     Reduce costly employee turnover to your competitors
  •     Premiums are tax deductible
  •     Premiums do not attract payroll taxes (i.e. CPP, EI )
  •     A Group Insurance Plan is a tax efficient core component of an overall compensation package


Employee Advantages:


  •     Employees highly value the benefits provided by a Group Insurance Plan
  •     The premium paid for most benefit under a Group Insurance Plan, are not a taxable
  •     Premium for insurance benefit under a Group Insurance Plan are significantly less than the premium for similar benefit purchase individually by an employee




Many existing group plans could use a review – we’d be pleased to help you with that. Even if you already have a plan in place, we may be more competitive!

Please contact us for a Group insurance quote! 

Office: (800) 503-6140 #223




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