No medical life insurance . What is it?



Non-medical life insurance does not require medical testing, doctor’s reports or medical reports before your application is approved.

Who should consider this type of insurance?

  • Anyone who has been declined for insurance requiring medical tests
  • Anyone who has poor medical history and would likely not qualify for traditional insurance
  • Anyone with average to good medical history
  • Non-smokers and smokers
  • Those who do not want to go through medical testing or are uncomfortable with needles
  • Anyone wanting fast and immediate coverage

What type of non-medical life insurance is available?

We offer a range of non-medical life insurance products to meet different needs. Whether it is Term insurance to cover a certain period of time or Permanent insurance that lasts for life, there is something for you. Deferred insurance may be for you if you have been declined in the past two years and you do not have any of the conditions in the first part of the application.

It is available as Term and Permanent insurance.

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